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Mixed breed


Type of relationship


Energy level





2 years old




I lived outside before I was taken in by Chiots Nordiques, and I was socialized afterwards.

My passions and needs


Getting out

A dog friend




I have to live in an environment without them, because I tend to growl at them and charge them


I absolutely need a friendly canine friend to help me adapt in my future home



I'm not used to living with them so I'm anxious, but if they are gentle and respect my space, I can live with them

About me

I'm a dog looking for a family that is patient and experienced in positive reinforcement! I was hit by a car and then had a entire leg amputated, so I'm a sweet tripod ready to take on life as if nothing happened! I love to get outside and run around, so living in the country would be great for me. At home, I'm calm, housetrained and I don't make a mess.

They say that I'm easy to handle at home. Once I feel confident, I'll even dare to crawl into bed with you and I'll follow you around. As soon as I get a chance, I'll come to you for affection! I'm wary of strangers, but I eventually tolerate them if they respect my bubble. However, I can be isolated if you think that some people won't be able to understand that I'm fearful.

I'm from the Far North, and I still have a hard time adjusting to changing families. It takes me more than a month before I really trust people and can be easily petted and handled. So I need people who are gentle, who can offer me a calm environment, and who will take the time to desensitize me gradually.

I'll need good general supervision and a GPS collar because I tend to run away. You need to be prepared to secure my environment to prevent me from escaping, but otherwise I'm starting to enjoy living indoors.

I adapt much more quickly if I'm around another dog. Unfortunately, I can't tolerate being left alone... I bark and howl for about 30 minutes if I know that I'm alone in the house and Mayday is not there either. So I need a family that is very present and a doggy friend to keep me company when the humans leave.

I can't wait to find my perfect match, and I hope it'll be soon, because the city isn't really my thing! Now that I'm used to walking on three legs, I can't wait to have new adventures and continue to discover life as a family dog!


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