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Quebec to ban declawing

The provincial government plans to ban certain non-emergency practices by amending The Animal Care Act starting in 2024. This will mean that cats, which are present in many homes across the province, will no longer have to undergo this surgical procedure.

According to our research:

“This Bill amends The Animal Care Act to prohibit a veterinarian from declawing a cat unless, in their opinion, there is a veterinary medical reason to do so.”

Over time, animal health workers, and cat owners around the world, have seen long-term adverse effects in many feline individuals following this procedure. This has led many people to take a stand by signing a petition that was filed with the National Assembly.

Veterinarians will only be able to perform this surgery when it is medically necessary. Elective declawing, to protect furniture for example, will no longer be possible.

It would also seem that it will be forbidden to take animals to other provinces or countries to get around this future law. This information has yet to be confirmed, but it would be good news for all kittens who will avoid this unnecessary procedure.


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