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Mixed breed


Type of relationship


Energy level





4 years old




I was rescued from abuse in South Korea, then once in Quebec I had surgery on my paw

My passions and needs

Going outside

A yard

Peace and quiet




With a good introduction, I might be able to coexist with a calm and respectful cat in my space.


I'll absolutely need a calm canine friend to help me adapt in my future home



I am very anxious in general. I could not live with children, because I need a calm environment.

About me

I'm a young, medium-sized dog and I'm ready to find my furever family! If you're looking for a quiet, housebroken doggy friend who can live in an apartment, never barks, and is totally adorable, that's me! I'm even used to a cage; it has become my little home where I feel safe. Despite a difficult past in South Korea that left me traumatized, I'm learning to adapt little by little to your way of life, and to trust you. Spending time outside is without a doubt my favourite thing in the world!

My perfect family would be a single person or a couple who could take me outside a lot in order to create a nice bond in the outdoors, where I feel most comfortable. I am said to be kind to all humans, and I allow myself to be handled even though I don't like it. The treatments I received have slowed down my socialization, but now there's nothing stopping me!

Mission Mayday consulted with a veterinary behaviourist, Dr. Bazin, to find medication and implement a plan to help me be less anxious at home. My family will have the chance to see me continue to progress by their side, and if all goes well, I may eventually be weaned from this medication.
My future family needs to understand that it could take several months for me to adapt, during which time they will need to respect my space and not force things on me (for example, I let myself be petted, but it still makes me anxious).

I need a calm home, with a quiet place to hide, and with humans who are willing to change their habits to speak more softly and try not to make loud noises that could startle me. I quickly get attached to my human, but I still need someone to help me feel good in my head!

I had an old fracture (right radius and ulna) that didn't heal right from my time in Korea. I’d been living with a crooked right front leg for many months. In July 2022, a surgeon corrected the fracture to make my leg straight again. The bones that were straightened healed well, but I developed inflammation in my right elbow and wrist. My wrist was swollen for a few weeks, and I was limping more than I should have.

With some physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and a lot of patience, I am now better. I have less of a limp than before, but I still need to take some medication. The inflammation in my wrist has decreased a lot, but I now have premature osteoarthritis in my right elbow and wrist. The surgeon doesn't know why it developed after surgery.

For me and for you, that only means that I’ll need a little bit more care, which mainly consists of a minimum of two walks per day (to get my legs moving), a diet (Hill's j/d) and a supplement for my joints, as well as an injection once every month to slow down the development of arthrosis. The injections are made under the skin; if you’re comfortable with needles, it’s very easy to learn, especially with a good boy like me. If not, any vet clinic can do it for you.

As for any big physical activities, I can run, play and be a normal dog, but you will always need to go at my pace, which may be slower at times. In all, I’m a very nice dog that just needs a little bit more care, but I promise that I’ll repay you in spades!


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