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Domestic cat


Type of relationship


Energy level



2 years old






I was found wandering around with a large wound on my cheek.




I'm a good friend to cats; I don't seek confrontation and I respect their space when they request it.



I can live with dogs of all sizes without any problems, as I get on well with my foster family's dogs.



I easily adapt to the hustle and bustle of everyday life and I love humans, so I don't think I'd mind living with children.

About me

Even though I come from the streets, humans think I used to have a family because I'm such a good house cat! My foster mom even says I'm a sweetheart. It's true that I love being petted by people, and I follow my human everywhere, even to the toilet (to make sure she doesn't fall in!).

I'm comfortable with visitors, and I'm independent enough to go and rest in a corner if things get too noisy. I have an excellent ability to adapt when I change environments. I'm also patient with other animals and respectful when they don't want to be approached.

I'm discreet because I don't really play. My favourite pastime is basking in the sun and talking to people to get their attention. I've finally stopped marking since I was neutered, so I'm now able to walk around freely without any problems.


Although I don't enjoy it too much, I let my claws be clipped like a good boy. You'll just have to remember to hide your plants from me if you have any, because I like to munch on them! To divert my attention, all you have to do is get out a tube of Creamy, my all-time favourite treat! So, did I charm you with my description? Well what are you waiting for?

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