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Large dog


Type of relationship


Energy level





9 months old




I'm always in a good mood and wag my tail whenever anyone talks to me.




I've never lived with cats, so it's impossible to guess how I'd behave with them.



Dogs, however, are my true buddies. I really like them. I'm always up for a play date.



I love watching kids play outside. I'm a good dog so I'm sure I'd make a great family dog.

About me

I'm an adorable 9-month-old large teenager looking for a forever family. Let me tell you why I'd be the perfect companion for you!

First of all, I'm a happy-go-lucky little fellow. My foster family says I'm sweet, playful and laid-back. I love to be petted and I'm always delighted to meet new people. In fact, I'm so people-friendly that I'll sit down for cuddles with any visitor, and would happily go off with them if given the chance!

I settled in easily with my foster family. I quickly got my bearings and apart from a few potty training incidents at the beginning, everything is going very well now.

I'm free to wander around the house in the absence of my humans, but I can sometimes make a bit of a mess (I'm a fan of cushions and plants).

I'm greedy, and I'm particularly fond of dried liver. This makes me the ideal candidate for learning new things. My passion? Lounging on the porch and watching passersby.

I also love playing with my toys, like my Kong or a nylon bone. I'm also comfortable in the car, and although having my claws clipped isn't really my thing, I don't mind it too much.

What is it that makes everyone fall for me?
I smile when people talk to me and I like to throw my toys in the air for fun!

I've been neutered, treated for parasites and vaccinated. I've also had a blood test and x-rays of my teeth. Brushing my teeth and giving me dental food is recommended, as my enamel is fragile. Other than that, all's well!

In short, I'm a loving, playful and sociable puppy who's looking for his perfect match. Are you ready to share your life with a little ray of sunshine? Apply now!


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