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Mission Mayday is a Montreal-based non-profit organization that relies 100% on donor support to cover the costs of rescues.

The animals we help are in need of medical care due to abandonment, accidents, or other events requiring our resources.

We call upon the expertise of our partner clinics, hospitals and emergency centres to provide the best possible care at the right time.

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General donation

Your support will help us significantly in our rescue and awareness missions. We rely 100% on the support of the public and corporate donors. 


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Answer : Mayday



Check out the list of fundraisers for our animals and help save a life with a one-time donation or consider becoming a monthly donor by joining the sponsorship program. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a difference in their lives. Thank you for believing in them, but also in us!

Thanks for your help!

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Monthly donation

Would you like to support us on a regular basis? It is possible to do so automatically by signing up for pre-authorized debits. Monthly donations give you access to the sponsorship program.

Donation certificate

You would like to donate to our organization on behalf of someone else? Any occasion is good for doing so: birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc. Make a general donation, then contact us to make a special request by clicking here. We will send you a personalized donation certificate that you can give to your loved one!


Donation receipts

Unfortunately, our non-profit status does not allow us to issue tax deductible receipts. However, we will take the necessary steps to be able to do so by becoming a charity. Thank you for your patience!

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