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Domestic cat


Type of relationship


Energy level



4 years old






I was rescued from neglect before being taken in and treated by Mission Mayday.




With a good introduction, I'm sociable with other cats and avoid confrontations.



I once lived with a small dog who was calm, and that went very well.



I'm used to children 8 years and older who are respectful of my space.

About me

I'm an adorable kitty looking for a new furever family. People say I'm gentle and curious. I have a very endearing personality and love being close to my humans. I'm easy to handle and enjoy being petted.

Always ready to play, I'm sociable and curious, and I'm a big fan of food. I'm not fussy when it comes to food. Although I'm not used to being held, I'm gradually getting used to it.

I'm also very sociable with visitors. I adapted very well here, despite some tension with the resident cat, who is rather possessive.

I make adorable little cooing noises, especially when spoken to, making it sound like we're having a real conversation. I love to climb, nap and play with a stick.

I'm most comfortable in a quiet environment. When children get agitated, I prefer to retreat to a quiet corner and only return when things have calmed down. So I'd like to avoid small children, but I could probably adapt in the right environment.

You should know that I'm curious about what's going on outside, so it will be important to make sure I don't escape. I'm housebroken and comfortable in the car, however, and I'm also easy to handle at the vet's.

I've had eye problems in the past, which have made one of my eyes more opaque, so I've been evaluated in ophthalmology with the organization. Turns out it's nothing serious! I'm now ready to offer all my love to a new family who will appreciate my qualities and help me continue to thrive!


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