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Finding a veterinary behaviourist

Sometimes, a dog or cat trainer is not enough to work on certain behaviors. In these cases, therapy with an animal health specialist is recommended in order to consult a veterinary behaviourist who will create a therapeutic plan for your pet that combines medication and exercises. Of course, you’ll also get advice on how to properly manage the environment. Mental illness also exists in our companions, and they need your help to get better.

Find a veterinary behaviourist in your region:

1. Montreal, North-Shore & South-Shore region

Dr. Demontigny-Bédard

2. Quebec City, North-Shore & South-Shore region

Dr. Isabelle Bazin

3. Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue region

Dr. Mary Klinck

4. Saint-Hyacinthe region

Dr. Marion Desmarchelier


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Liste créée le 16 février 2024 / Source : OMVQ


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