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Harley Quinn

Domestic cat


Type of relationship


Energy level



8 years old






I was abandoned in a veterinary clinic after suffering an injury to my torso while out and about.




Although I need to be the only cat in the house, I'll return your affection threefold, I promise!



I currently live with a small dog, and I like him a lot. So I could definitely have a canine friend.



I'm sociable with humans, so I could probably live with children who respect me.

About me

I'm an incredibly affectionate, sociable and sweet cat. I love to cuddle and I'm very active for my age. I'm curious and don't claw furniture. People say I'm the perfect companion, and I'm sure my adopters will love me!

In my foster family, I'm a real darling, and I quickly made myself at home. I love sleeping alongside humans and being in their company, always looking for cuddles and affection. I'm also very at ease with visitors; I'm curious and will even ask to be petted. I adapted very quickly and easily to this home and I've been no trouble at all.

I have a tendency to try to escape, so you'll have to be careful that I don't slip between your legs. As far as food is concerned, I eat my fill without excess. Although I'm very affectionate, I don't really like to be picked up. However, I do like to chat and make adorable meows, and I'm house-trained.

I like to play and run, but I get tired quickly. I enjoy spying on the neigbours, resting on the window sill, and sleeping in my carrier. I'm a perfect, incredibly sweet cat. My current humans have a huge crush on me. They say I'll delight my furever family. Could it be you?!


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