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Adoption application

The long awaited moment has finally come! You are ready to welcome a new member to your family? Thank you for considering giving an abandoned animal a chance.

Please note that we often receive several forms for one animal. We will always select the profile that best suits the animal's needs.

A little reminder

An animal is for life! It is very important to choose a canine or feline companion that fits your lifestyle because they live an average of 15 years. When you adopt, you become responsible for a life.

Prevention is better than cure

Before adopting, did you take the time to check out pet insurance? We believe this is an essential step because in case of an accident or injury, it could save a life and avoid a heartbreaking situation.


Before filling out this form for a specific animal, did you take the time to read its description? If you are a good match, we will contact you within 1 to 4 business days.

General information

Are you 18 years old or older

Animal to adopt

Which type of animal would you like to adopt?
If the animal is predisposed to running away, are you able to adapt your home?
Have you ever cared for a sick pet?
Do you already have a record in a veterinary clinic?
Are you considering taking out health insurance for your future pet?
Will your pet be allowed to go outside?
I would like a pet that is


Type of dwelling
Are you a homeowner or a tenant
Does your lease allow pets?
Do you have children?
Does anybody in your household have allergies?
Does anybody in your household smoke?
Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, are you the sole owner of this yard?


On average, how much time daily is there no one at home?

Other pets

Have you ever had a pet for which you were the primary caretaker?
Do you have cats?
Are they spayed/neutered?
Are they vaccinated?
Do you have dogs?
Are they spayed/neutered?
If so, are they vaccinated?
Do you have other pets (rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles)?
Have you ever had to abandon an animal?

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