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Ludivine Reding

Domestic cat


Type of relationship


Energy level



1 year old






I grew up in a northern community that was looking for a home for me and several other cats.




I get on very well with other felines since I was living with a group of cats before I was taken in.



I spent one weekend with a small dog, and it worked out well because he respected my space. I would even lie close to him.



Since I'm super sociable with people, I could live with young humans who treat me with respect.

About me

I'm a 1-year-old kitty who is both playful and very affectionate. I also enjoy spending time on my own in a quiet corner, or by the window! I follow my humans around the house and keep a watchful eye on them when they're in the bathroom. I love being around people and staying close to them.

I cuddle a lot and love to play with my squeaky mouse. I run to fetch it and bring it back in my mouth so it can be tossed again. Yes, just like a dog! I also really enjoy resting on my window perch. I'm so glad my foster family bought me one. Neighbourhood watch is one of my favourite pastimes.

With guests, I'm a bit shy at first, but I soon get used to people and stay with them. When I change homes, I quickly bond with the people taking care of me, and I'm very adaptable. I'm not too keen on having my claws clipped, but I'll allow it once I'm comfortable.


I don't want to brag, but humans say I'm the perfect life companion. Don't miss your chance to welcome me into your home and enjoy a beautiful life with me. Apply now to open your door and your heart to me!


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