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Large dog


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7 monthes old




I'm a Husky-type teenager from a northern community and I'm looking for my furever home now!




I can't live with cats. As soon as I see cats move, I run after them, because I see them as prey.



I'd rather live in a dog-free home, but I can have canine friends if we're properly supervised.



I've never been tested with young children, but being shy, I'm sure I'd be nervous with younger ones.

About me

I'm easy to train and very food motivated. I'm very affectionate and close to my humans once they've gained my trust. I don't jump on people and I like to rest in my cage. I'm shy, however, so strangers need to be respectful of my space to help me get used to them.

I'm housebroken; I ask for the door to go out and do my business, and I have a good recall (when you say "puppyyyy"). I let my claws be trimmed without any fuss; they say I'm a good girl! I like to play and do any kind of training that involves rewards. I'm quiet in the house, and I'm less vocal than I used to be.

I can have dog friends of all sizes; I love to play with them after a good introduction. I'm not a good candidate for dog parks, but I could get along with dogs in quiet places. I would, however, be happier being the only pet in the house, as I do resource guarding with various things (including water and food).

I'm not very athletic. Mental stimulation and play are enough for me, and I can stay at home on my own, chilling in my cage. I love tug toys and surprise boxes. I'm also an avid chewer; give me a bone to chew on and my anxiety will ease in certain situations, especially when there are visitors!

My foster mom taught me a few basic commands: sit, recall and turn. She also worked a lot on my socialization and desensitization. She says I've made great progress! I'm now looking for an adoptive family with a calm temperament who understands that, because of my shyness, it will take patience and gentleness to tame me. Once I'm confident, I'll have a lot of love to give! I'm still too stressed to live in a city like Montreal.

Mission Mayday will be there to help you ease my integration. If you have any questions or need advice, the behavioural team will be able to tell you what's best for a smooth adaptation. Will you be the family that offers me a forever home?


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