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All our animals go through the same adoption process in order to remain transparent to anyone applying for one of our animals.


However, our foster families are given priority for adopting when their profile matches the needs of the pet they’ve been fostering for us.

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1. Available for adoption

Any animal that is not adopted by its foster family is posted on this website, and on our social networks.

2. Selection

The adoption forms received and the profiles on our waiting list are evaluated according to the animal’s needs.

3. Interview(s)

The family or families that seem to be the best fit are contacted by a member of our team.


Welcome to Petder

Find your perfect match!

Make sure that your home matches the needs of the animal you are applying for

Be patient

Our volunteers do their best to process your application quickly

Be respectful

We sometimes receive several requests for a single pet, so a refusal may be in order

Watch your email

Don't forget to check your spam before asking for a follow-up

Montreal area

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