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Foster family

Interested in providing a temporary home to an animal or a litter in need? It’s possible! However, taking
care of our animals requires a commitment on your part in order to offer the best possible care to our

Please read the information on this page before filling out the form, which you will find at the bottom.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by Facebook Messenger by clicking on the conversation
bubble (bottom right of the page).


How it works

Mission Mayday is a non-profit organization with no physical installations. It consists of citizens wishing to get involved in animal rescue who help us by offering temporary housing to our dogs and cats.

We provide everything our foster families need to offer a pleasant environment to our little protégés during their stay.

Your family's role

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You must transport the animal to the vet clinic or other place requested.

We operate in the greater Montreal area.



If you have pets, they must be up to date in their vaccines and parasite treatments to ensure they are protected from any potential contagion.


Our medical cases may require constant care and monitoring in some cases.

You will be asked to read our various guides.

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Picking up the pet's food from our partner clinic (Laval, Montreal or Brossard)


Doing follow-ups in case of biting incidents or changes in behaviour

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Our foster families have access to a page on this website, a private area, which includes all sorts of guides to assist them throughout the process (e.g.: advice on how to solve elimination outside the litter box, puppy socialization, etc.).

They will also find in this area tools to facilitate various important tasks, such as ordering food and evaluating the animal in your home.

To make sure you have read everything, here’s the secret code to enter in the form: avion.

Foster fails

Foster families have priority to adopt their foster animal when their profile matches the animal’s needs in the long term. We will give you some time to think about it before creating the adoption form.

General care

It is important that our animals receive everything they need while in your home: claw trimming, ear cleaning, washing if necessary, and anything else that may be requested by our team or by our partner clinics.


Mission Mayday is a non-profit organization whose primary missions are to educate the public about animal welfare and to rescue animals in need. 

Whether it's veterinary care, food, medication, toys or any other accessory, we provide everything necessary to offer our little protégés a pleasant environment during their stay with our foster families. If you feel like it, you can contribute to these expenses to spoil them even more (litter, poop bags, toys, treats, etc.)!

The organization does not have a physical shelter, which means that all our protégés are placed with foster families. Should the animal you foster not meet your expectations or not be a good match for you, you will have to consider the time it will take to find a new foster family before the animal can be removed from your home. A delay is therefore to be expected.

General information

Preferred method of contact
Are you 18 years old or older?
You live in
Do you have experience in the veterinary field?


You live in
Do you have children?
You are
Does anybody in your household have allergies?
Does anybody in your household smoke?
Do you have a fenced yard?
If yes, are you the sole owner of this yard?


Do you have full-time access to a car?
When are you available for medical appointments?
Do you have a flexible schedule to accommodate medical appointments?
On average, how much time daily is there no one at home?

Your pets

Do you have cats?
If so, are they spayed/neutered?
Do you have dogs?
If so, are they spayed/neutered?
If so, are they vaccinated?
If so, are they vaccinated?
Do you have other pets (rodents, rabbits, birds, reptiles)?

Animal to foster

What animal(s) would you like to foster?
Do you have an enclosed room to isolate the animal if necessary?
If you foster an animal predisposed to running away, are you able to adapt your home?
Have you ever had a sick or injured animal in your care?
What types of care are you able to provide?
What types of behaviour can you accommodate?

Other involvement

Have you ever been a foster family for another organization?
Are you currently a foster family for another organization?
Are you planning to travel or go away for the weekend in the near future?

Foster family responsibilities

If you were to return the animal to us, what would be the possible reason(s) among those listed below?
Do you plan to go to a dog park to socialize and/or exercise your foster pet?
If you were to return the animal to us, what would be the possible reason(s) among those listed below?
In the list of behaviours below, check all the boxes of the behaviours you would feel comfortable working on.

Case scenarios

The role of the foster family is not only to welcome an animal in their home, but also:

• Take the animal to the vet

• Protect the animal if necessary

• Give the animal the care it needs according to its condition, and

• Feed it daily 


Note that travel expenses (e.g., gas) are not reimbursed by the organization.


Mission Mayday advocates the values of animal welfare and promotes a gentle and caring approach based on positive reinforcement training methods.

To consult the terms of our different contracts, click here.

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