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How it works

Mission Mayday is a non-profit organization with no physical installations. It consists of citizens wishing to get involved in animal rescue who help us by offering temporary housing to our dogs and cats. We provide everything our foster families need to offer a pleasant environment to our little protégés during their stay.

Interested in providing a temporary home to an animal or a litter in need? It’s possible! However, taking care of our animals requires a commitment on your part in order to offer the best possible care to our protégés.​ Please read the information on this page before filling out the form, which you will find at the bottom.

What you need to know

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1. Transport

You will be responsible for transporting the animal to the veterinarian or to any other location requested. We are located in the Greater Montreal area. Foster families cannot travel with our animals, so they must notify us at least 2 weeks before they travel to allow us to find a solution. At the time of adoption, we will pick up the animal at your home and take it to its adopters.

2. Protecting your pets

If you have pets, we recommend that they be vaccinated (basic and rabies) and up-to-date with their anti-parasite treatments to protect them from possible transmission. A period of isolation is often necessary, as our animals are not quarantined in a shelter. We provide our foster families with a guide on the subject.

3. Providing care

Our medical cases often require constant care and supervision. We ask that you read our various guides and follow the instructions of the vets and our medical team. You cannot contact our clinics yourself, nor make appointments directly with them. Everything must go through our team, as we need to keep an up-to-date calendar of appointments and know when to make payments.

Any new health problem or injury must be reported to us promptly, and you can't decide to stop medication without authorization. If necessary, we'll ask you to go to the clinic for an appointment, or refer you to an emergency centre if we're too worried. Any animal eating an object or toxic food must be reported to us immediately.

It's important that our pets receive everything they need at home: claw trimming, ear cleaning, washing if necessary, and any other requests made by our team or our partner clinics. If you need help with this, please let us know.

4. Pet food

You will need to place orders on our site before you run out of kibble or wet food. We'll let you know if you need to pick up pet food from our partner clinic, a volunteer, or a pet store. In some cases, we may deliver veterinary food to families' homes when this is possible. Pets on a hypoallergenic diet are not allowed to eat anything else without permission.

5. Behavior

It is imperative that you report any bites or changes in behaviour to us. The organization being responsible if a dog injures another animal or a person, it is important to contact us immediately. To minimize the risks, we ask our foster families to avoid interactions with unfamiliar people and animals (this means no dog parks for our doggies).

6. Private section of the site

Our foster families have access to a private section of the site, where they can place medication and food orders, request refunds of invoices, consult medical and behavioural records, and more. You will have access to this section as soon as you sign a contract to foster an animal or a litter.


To make sure you've read everything, here's the secret code to enter on the form: avion

7. Final adoption

Foster families are given priority to adopt their foster animal when their profile matches the animal's long-term needs and they have an adequate budget. We'll give you time to think about this before creating the adoption form. Your friends and family members are not entitled to this benefit. Their requests will be treated in the same way as others, for the sake of transparency.

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