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Mayday’s story begins in the fall of 2021, when he was put up for sale on a classified ad site. Bought by a family with neither the knowledge nor the resources to properly care for a puppy, Mayday’s life was turned upside down in the space of a few days.


Left alone in a room with a large dog, Mayday was found a few hours later severely injured, with one of his eyes coming out of its socket. His new family being unable to get him medical attention, he spent two days in this condition, without any care.

In order to control the pain, his family gave him medication prescribed for their other pets, causing intoxication, and putting his life in danger.


Fortunately, they finally made the decision to surrender him... And this is how Mayday’s life was saved. Sadly, he lost his eye, but has no after-effects from his intoxication.


After his surgery

Mayday adapted to his new condition very quickly and this sad start in life hasn’t stopped him from living his life as a happy puppy! From his earliest age, his family made the (wise) decision to get insurance for him. So, should he get ill or injured, they’ll receive a certain amount to help cover his care. How about you, do you have insurance for your pets?

Stories like Mayday’s happen by the dozen in Quebec. The organization's mission is to give a second chance to animals like Mayday who are suffering, as well as expose these stories in order to raise awareness and educate people about adoption and the responsibility that comes with having a pet.

The organization

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