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Lack of funds to care for your pet

Every year in Quebec, a large number of pets are euthanized in veterinary clinics or die at home, due to lack of funds to cover the costs of caring for them. It's a reality that many people face one day.

Are you one of those animal lovers who will do anything, even go into debt, to care for your pet, but don't know what resources are there to help you? This article was written for you.

1 - Animo pour la vie Foundation

This financial aid is offered to families who have consulted a clinic and are unable to pay for further care. Your vet can fill in a form on the Foundation's website if the clinic is willing to cover 15% of the care required.

Eligibility requirements:

- Intervention is necessary to save the animal.

- Annual family income of $45,000 or less.

- The family must contribute 33% of the cost.

- The link between the owner and the animal must be clearly established.

- The veterinary clinic submitting the request for financial assistance must also contribute by assuming 15% of the costs related to the intervention.

Applications from individuals or organizations are not accepted.

2 - DMV Foundation

The DMV Foundation is an organization that provides financial assistance to owners of animals treated in one of DMVET's veterinary centres for emergency care (Lachine, Blainville, St-Hubert ou Québec), or referred by their family veterinarian for specialized care. The help provided by the Foundation helps to improve the animal's well-being, so that it can stay with its family.

3 - Un p'tit coup d'patte

If you reside in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (Montreal), the veterinary clinic HoMa has a financial support program for residents of the neighborhood whose animals need surgery or care. Both the family and the clinic must cover a portion of the expenses, and a diagnosis must have been established by a veterinarian to submit an application. The program covers the remaining 50%.

Eligibility criteria:

- The intervention is necessary to save the animal;

- The animal must have a life expectancy of at least one year;

- Annual family income of $35,000 or less;

- The family must contribute to the payment of the bill by assuming 33% of the costs, and the clinic offers a 17% discount on the bill;

- The client must not have any outstanding accounts;

- The family must have proof of recent residence to demonstrate that they live in the neighborhood.


4 - Montreal SPCA

The Mittens-Montreal SPCA Targeted Permanent Sterilization Clinic was founded by the Montreal SPCA in 2015. This clinic offers spay/neuter services at reduced rates to pet owners with limited financial resources.

- Priority patients for spay/neuter services:

- Pregnant females;

- High risk of pregnancy (mixed cohabitation, outdoor cats);

- Non-sterilized animals with behavioural problems (cats in heat, marking, meowing);

- Emergency procedures.

5 - Clinique des animaux des jeunes de la rue

Students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine treat street youths' animals free of charge once a month: dogs, cats, rats, ferrets and garter snakes all receive care. They examine 300 animals a year, or between 25 and 30 animals a month.

6 - Agreement with Paybright

Some veterinary clinics have an agreement with Paybright. The clinic team can check for you whether you are eligible for this program to receive a cash advance. You can pay back in 4 installments or monthly if the amount of the agreement is high.

7 - Petcard agreement

Apply for financing with Petcard. Financing programs offer a wide range of financing terms with convenient monthly payments. Their interest rates are competitive and there are no penalties if you repay the loan early.

8 - Making sacrifices

It's easy to say, but sometimes our pet's health means more to us than certain material goods. So you can:

- sell your stuff (mentioning that it's to care for your pet will increase the visibility of your ads);

- sell items at a pawn shop (e.g., Comptant);

- delay bill payments by making arrangements;

- raise funds online (e.g., Gofundme) and share on pet groups.

9 - Entrusting Your Pet

As a last resort or in case of emergency, you can try to surrender your pet to an organization like ours to avoid euthanasia. Once the animal is surrendered, it is not possible to reclaim it later when it has recovered, but it is the most compassionate gesture we can make to offer them a chance when we are out of resources. To complete our intake form, click here. Here are some organizations that take on medical cases: Fondation HVE, Rescue All Dogs (dogs), One Cat at a Time (kittens), Animal Rescue Network (social cats), CHUV Shelter, Chatopia (purebred cats).

9 - Prevent rather than cure

Finally, the best way to prevent any unforeseen expenses at the vet's is to take out insurance for your pet AND put money aside. You can also put funds on a credit card in case of emergency.

Pets insurances:

  • Petsecure

  • Hudson's Bay Pet Insurance

  • Desjardins Pet Insurance

  • Sonnet Pet Insurance

  • Trupanion

  • CAA-Quebec

  • and many others.

You'll need to get quotes from several of them to find the plan that's right for you.

- Cheap veterinary care

- Veterinary Payment Agreement

- Veterinary monthly payments

- Loan to care for a dog or cat


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