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Adoption: choosing the right family

It is true that animal shelters and rescue organizations have higher standards than they did 50 years ago. While this may be frustrating for some, it is nonetheless very justified, especially in our province.

Quebec has a very bad reputation when it comes to animal welfare. We abandon our pets easily and replace them by a new one when the opportunity arises. We encourage puppy mills and individuals who breed for profit without any thought about the welfare of either parents or babies. We buy an animal for its colour or fashionable crossbreed, rather than according to its needs.

It is this last point that makes all the difference in our opinion. Our goal is to find the best possible match for a pet, not to find a pet for a family. The truth is that by making adoptions easier, we would end up with more returns, and it is the animals that pay the price, because changing environments is very stressful for them.

Every return from adoption has consequences:

- an animal that is stressed of changing environments again

- many hours lost for the volunteers who evaluated the request, did the interview, prepared the contract, carried out the transports, the follow-ups, updated the file, etc.

- losing other potential families who eventually adopted another animal...

For these reasons, we will sometimes:

- require the animal to have a companion of the same species to socialize puppies or kittens, or to help an animal adjust more easily

- forbid adoption by a family with young children for an animal that is rough or not socialized

- require an environment suited to the animal’s needs (fenced yard, isolation room, etc.)

A pet that is happy in a home is a pet that is less likely to be returned to us and it decreases the risk of incidents. We don’t do meet-and-greets with our animals because they are in foster families, and because we only focus on the forms that fit their needs. It would be far too much work for our volunteers and families to arrange visits according to people’s wishes. We consider that if someone is really interested in an animal, they will apply directly.

To view our animals for adoption, click here. Always remember that just because you like an animal doesn’t mean you are a good match. This will make your adoption search easier.


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