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Lucas, the dog who suffered through hell

Lucas was found in a bag, his muzzle sealed with tape, on a truck (headed to a slaughterhouse in Indonesia) carrying about fifty dogs. His face reflects the horrors he has seen and, most of all, experienced.

Due to his health and the unsanitary conditions in Indonesia, Lucas was repatriated to Canada to receive necessary medical care and to find a loving family.

It is difficult to know exactly what he endured, but this poor dog suffered a severe trauma to his right eye, piercing his cornea and leaving him blind on that side. On the other side, a laceration of his eyelid puts him at risk of recurrent infections and eye dryness. As a result, he requires specialized surgical intervention.

The handsome Lucas joined Mission Mayday to be operated on and regain a decent quality of life. He joined the organization in January and was evaluated by a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Lucas' rescue shows the determination and collaboration of organizations to save mistreated animals and offer them a better life. We hope that through these efforts, more animals will be saved in the future.

Lucas' rescue is the result of a collaboration between four organizations: Mission Mayday (MM), Dogs Fur Misery International (DFMI), Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) and Humane Society International (HSI).


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