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Online pet sales: "My puppy has a problem!

I was purchased through a Kijiji classified ad.

I was put up for sale like a used couch on Market Place.

I was only about 6 weeks old, but no one cared.

I was allowed to go with a family that didn't have the financial means to care for me in case of an accident.

And so a few days later they abandoned me in a terrible condition.

I may have come from a puppy mill, who knows...

There are people who want to make big profits out of our lives, using our parents as “breeding machines”.

You know how they sell their puppies?

Through classified ads – and don’t trust the descriptions because they’ll never tell you that “this puppy comes from intensive breeding”.

Is this how I deserved to start my life?

I think not...

My little heart tells me that no dog should be sold through the classifieds on the internet.

I’m Mayday, the survivor.

Remember me when you adopt your next companion; Please be careful where it comes from.


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